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omnomnom trains sure are tasty.

These icons have been laying around for a while, so I decided to finally post them after like, a million years. Small batch is small because I don't feel like adding onto this batch anymore. :'D

+35 Random Text
+ 16 Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
+ 6 Various Manga
= 57 icons total!

And some can't pay the way.Collapse )


(AKA: Wow this is the gayest/lame/retarded request post ever.)

Homo rules;
× No colorings. Sorry but I am slow and they are sucky anyway. D8
× 3 images max per person
× Reserving is fine, but don't take 69 centuries to get back to it plz. :c
× First 10 people only.
× Please at least try to provide high quality images! Makes life a lot easier. C:
× Ohohoh! I'll reply with your icons, so please check back. :D



PS thank you sourfree for the hot 6927 porn header. 8D
5th-Aug-2009 02:02 am - Suggestions Post
Because variety is gud.
Any series/shows/people/things you'd like to see us icon?
Maybe something you'd like to see iconed more?

drop a line.
WHAT TIME IS IT? SUMMER TIME! IT'S OUR VACATION! ...lolno, I will spare you from that. IT IS ACTUALLY TIME FOR ANOTHER BATCH OF ~*~Autiecons~*~. SO hold on tight folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride filled with hotness and sexy art!

× 21 Stock
× 12 Nabari no Ou
× 23 Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
× 15 Vocaloids (mostly Gakupo :'D)
× 15 Axis Powers Hetalia
× 6 Kuroshitsuji
+ fanart pack TEEHEEHEE
= 92 icons total!

And then I watched some old guy get arrested for meeting some other old guy for a blow job. It was epic.Collapse )
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